Undergraduate Admissions

Freshman Academic Profile



64% - Arts & Sciences
26% - Business
10% - Nursing


34% - Pre-Medicine
7% - Pre-Law
4% - Pre-Dentistry
9% - Pre-OT/PT/Pharm
46% - No Pre-Professional Interest indicated

Incoming class of 2014

This year's freshman class is among the strongest and most diverse Creighton University has welcomed to campus. Our students' achievements in the classroom and in extracurricular activities rank Creighton among the top 50 major private universities with more than 4,000 undergraduates.

Creighton's freshman academic profile ranks Creighton University among the top ten private Midwest universities with over 4,000 undergraduates. Other universities on that list include Notre Dame, Northwestern, Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Chicago. Creighton University is in good company, both in its region and the nation.

Creighton is also among the top 10 national Catholic universities with more than 4,000 students.

High School Grade Point Average   Test Scores
Percentage with 4.0 or higher 28%   ACT Middle 50% 24 - 29
Middle 50% 3.50 - 4.00   SAT Middle 50% 1120 - 1350

Diversity of Freshmen

  • 29% Students of color
  • 18% First-generation college students
  • 23% Creighton legacies
  • 60% Catholic students
  • 42% Attended Catholic high schools
  • 44:56 Male-Female Student Ratio

Geographic Diversity

Creighton has more regional and national geographical diversity than most major Midwestern universities--and also more diversity than the West Coast and East Coast private universities.

  • 78% of our freshmen are from outside Nebraska
  • 22% of our freshmen are from more than 200 miles away
  • 41% of our freshmen are from more than 400 miles away

Service and  Leadership Activities

Accomplishments/Involvement Percent of Admits
Service or Church Organization Member 80%
Varsity Athletics 78%
Fine or Performing Arts 37%
Academic Club Member 31%
Student Government Representative 21%
Leadership Program Attendee 22%
Newspaper, Literary Magazine, TV, Radio 10%
Debate/Mock Trail/Model UN 10%
Multicultural or Ethnic Organization Member 15%
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