Undergraduate Admissions

Jesuit Tradition

The value of a Creighton education lies in our Catholic and Jesuit identity and mission--to educate the whole person and leave the world a better place.

We don't just say we're a Jesuit University, we live it. Creighton's Jesuit community is an integral part of the campus, with priest and brothers interacting with students frequently in class and out. In addition, Creighton's curriculum immerses students in Jesuit principles.

Right away, our students become immersed in the Jesuit tradition through "Ratio Studiorum." This "plan of studies" created by the Jesuits in 1599 has been updated for today's student. It focuses on the need for students to plan their curriculum, their careers, and their way of life--centered on ethical living, service to others, the search for truth and a passion for justice.

But it doesn't stop there. At the heart of Creighton is cura personalis, meaning “care for the person.” The university community focuses on caring for the development of the whole student, giving not only of our knowledge, expertise and skill, but of ourselves. Throughout their time at Creighton, students receive support and advice tailored to their needs and preparing them for what's ahead.

Beyond "Ratio Studiorum" students have the chance to take part in the Jesuit tradition in other ways, too.

  • They can apply to join Cortina, a sophomore residential community, focused on peace and justice.
  • Students can serve others at local charities each week or take part in one of the many Spring/Fall Break Service Trips to build houses in Appalachia, gut homes in the Gulf region or work with teenage mothers from the inner-city, and a multitude of  other options.
  • They can even spend four months in the Dominican Republic where they take coursework, immerse themselves in local communities and volunteer twice a week in the city of Santiago.

What Makes a Catholic University?

As a Catholic, Jesuit university, Creighton excels at preparing students for a world that needs highly-skilled men and women of conscience. Graduates of Creighton and other Catholic schools recognize that success comes from redeeming the world through the values at the heart of the Catholic tradition. It's a challenging and rewarding education that is unique to Catholic colleges and universities.