Undergraduate Admissions


50 plus majors, From energy science and biology to philosophy and education.

What's Your Major?

Academic excellence is a Jesuit tradition here at Creighton University. Creighton offers over 50 majors and has six professional schools and dozens of graduate programs.

Creighton's undergraduate academic plan is founded on learning everywhere--in class, on campus and in the world.

Majors and Programs

From Biology and Chemistry to Business and even Musical Theater, students have more than 50 majors to choose from.

Honors and Leadership Programs

Students learn academic excellence and leadership in our special programs.

Freshman Academic Profile

Our freshmen class continues the tradition of academic excellence and service to others.

Advanced Placement

Creighton offers college credit for scoring well on many of the AP and IB examinations.

Study Abroad

Students can choose from a variety of study abroad options, including living and learning in the Dominican Republic.

Career and Academic Planning

Through their faculty advisor, career planning and academic labs, students can get the support they need.

Professional and Graduate Programs

Creighton offers advanced degrees through its professional and graduate schools.

Creighton EDGE and Student Services

In class or in life, Creighton will give you the EDGE you need to succeed.

Academics FAQs

Get answers to our Frequently Asked Questions about academics at Creighton.