Undergraduate Admissions

Career and Academic Planning

Faculty Advisors

Admitted students are assigned a Faculty Preceptor who, as a faculty member, will serve as the academic advisor throughout the first year.  At the end of your first year, you will select a pre-major advisor from the department of your intended major, unless you are in the Heider College of Business where your Faculty Preceptor will advise you until you select a major. You will then officially declare a major at the end of sophomore year and be assigned a major advisor. Creighton students often tell about how accessible their advisor was to them, helping them schedule classes or find jobs or even just being available for a chat.

John P. Fahey Career Center

Creighton also supplements the guidance provided through faculty advising with the John P. Fahey Career Center. At the John P. Fahey Career Center, students work with career advisers to clarify their goals, find career options, explore their interests and abilities, and develop job marketing skills, including how to write a resume and cover letter. This is also where students find internships and job prospects.

Writing Center, Language Lab and Math Lab

If you need to brainstorm some ideas before writing or are looking for guidance as you revise, you should visit the Writing Center. If you're looking to do those same things but in another language, no less, you should visit the Hitchcock Language Resource Center, sometimes called the Language Lab. For those crunched by numbers, the Math Lab is available to get some one-on-one help for your left-brain challenges. Students can make an appointment to get help at no charge.