Undergraduate Admissions

Deposit and Class Reservation

Deposit Online

May 1 is the National Reply Date, when incoming students are asked to reserve their spot in the college of their choice for the upcoming school year. To reserve your spot at Creighton and in student housing, be sure to make your non-refundable deposit as soon as you have made your decision.

  1. Go to Class and Housing Deposit
  2. Enter NetID (from your admitted student packet)
  3. Confirm your identity
  4. Fill out the necessary information
    • Class and Housing Reservation
    • Dining Information
    • Academic Advising Information
  5. Make your non-refundable deposit with a credit card or an eCheck
    • Living on campus: $350
    • Living at home: $250
  6. An hour later, in the deposit system, refresh your screen.
  7. Click StarRez Housing Portal link and then the button on the next page 
  8. Click "Application" to start your housing application. Follow the screens and instructions to finish.

Already Started the Class Reservation?

Here is information to activate your account and log into the NEST.

If you have already submitted a class reservation and have made a deposit payment, you will need to make any changes in the NEST.