Undergraduate Admissions

The NEST, CUMail & Activating Your Account

STEP 1: Activate Your Account

(If you have never logged on)

  1. Go to the "Activate Account" page in Account Management Interface (AMI). Enter the following:
    • NetID
    • Activation/One-Time Password (available from your financial aid packet)
    • Birthday
  2. Choose three questions and answers that will be used to reset your account in case you forget your password. Use memorable answers that are unlikely to change and difficult to guess.
  3. Enter your email address, and optionally a cell phone number capable of receiving text messages.
  4. Create your BLUE password, following the password guidelines: use at least 8 characters, including special characters, upper and lower case letters, and numbers (be sure not to include any part of your first or last name).
  5. Your account will be activated.

STEP 2a: Log on to the NEST

  1. Go to the NEST
  2. Enter your NetID and BLUE password

STEP 2b: Check your CUMail

  1. Go to CUMail
  2. Enter your NetID and BLUE password

Authorizing Parents to View a NEST Account

Keep Mom and Dad informed about your account—especially if they need to pay your tuition—by authorizing them to view your NEST account.

Steps to Authorize Parents to View Your NEST Account (pdf).