Undergraduate Admissions

Student Health Insurance

Creighton University requires all full-time students to have comprehensive health insurance. Enrollment in the university-endorsed health insurance plan is automatic for all full-time students.

Accepting or Waiving Insurance Coverage

A pamphlet describing the university-endorsed health insurance plan will be sent to you to help you better understand the nature of the university-endorsed coverage.

You are required to either accept the university-endorsed health insurance plan or complete the online waiver on the NEST (under Student Services > Heath Insurance > Waive Health Insurance) by the established deadline. 

The annual premium will be applied to the student’s account unless an online waiver is completed.

A waiver must be completed each academic year. Please complete the waiver process promptly to avoid an unnecessary insurance premium charge. After the established deadline, we will not be able to remove the charge and you will remain enrolled in the insurance plan for the entire year.

Before you waive:
Please carefully evaluate your current insurance coverage. If you have a high deductible plan or limited benefits when away from home, this plan may be the right decision for you.

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