Undergraduate Admissions

Application Tips

Applying to college is like applying to a job. You want to stand out for your abilities and personality and show how you'll add a special something to the place. Here are a few tips:

Early bird gets the scholarship
The earlier you apply, the better. Creighton's extended deadline for priority consideration for scholarships is March 1, 2015.

For the Activities Resume

Quality, not quantity
While it's good to list any activity in which you were involved, make sure you highlight the ones that really mattered to you and reflect who you are. Where did you really spend your time before or after school? What accomplishments show how you made a difference in your school or community? That will tell admissions counselors a lot about you. Go into detail on these.

If you are looking for a good model to follow, check out this sample resume.

For the Personal Statement

Have a plan
Before writing, sketch out some ideas first. Brainstorm, mind-map, free write--whatever you have to do to get the creative juices going. Then, go back, pick out the best ideas you've come up with and organize them. Think about how you want to introduce yourself, how each idea can build on the one before it.

Start in the middle
Don't try to write the opening first when drafting. Start with the middle, the details. Then, pen your conclusion. Lastly, write an introduction that prepares the reader for what you're about to say (now that you know what that is).

Tell a story
One good story beats a lot of generalizations anytime. Find an experience that helps you tell what you learned, not just what you did, and share that.

For Anything You Want to Submit

Proofread, proofread and (after that) proofread
You can only read your own college resume so many times. Try to have a guidance counselor take a look at it. A fresh pair of eyes will see things you won't. The last thing you want is an essay that includes, "I think I would be a great fit for [some other university besides Creighton]" just because you forgot to change that first line.

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