Undergraduate Admissions


1. Request a Federal Personal Identification Number (PIN)

To sign up for a federal PIN, go to http://www.pin.ed.gov. The U.S. Department of Education will send you your PIN. Memorize the four digits and keep it in a safe place. If a parent needs to sign any aid forms on your behalf, they too will need a PIN.

2. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

This is the first step to establishing eligibility for all federal and state student aid programs as well as Creighton need-based aid. You can complete your FAFSA at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/.

The FAFSA can be filed any time after January 1 for the next school year. Be sure to select the correct academic year. There is also a worksheet on the FAFSA website you can download and print that will help you prepare before actually completing the E-FAFSA. Creighton's school code number is 002542.

Processed FAFSA's should be on file with Creighton by April 1st for priority consideration. FAFSA results received after April 1st will be considered as funding allows. If we ask for copies of your federal tax returns, these should be sent to our office no later than May 1st.

Here are some excellent tips for properly completing the FAFSA and avoiding common mistakes.

3. CU Contacts you if verification is required

Once you are admitted and Creighton has received the results of your FAFSA, we will be in touch by either letter or e-mail to let you know if supporting documents are needed to complete your aid application. Normally, these documents are copies of federal tax returns, W-2s, Creighton's verification worksheet or several other forms used to clarify or confirm your FAFSA data. Most forms we need can be downloaded from our website under Commonly Used Forms.

4. Financial Aid Award Notification

Once your FAFSA results have been reviewed by a member of the Financial Aid Office's professional staff, an award notification is prepared for you. If you are an incoming freshman or a new student, you will receive a hard copy award letter by mail with any updates or adjustments on the NEST.

Some forms of aid, like the Federal Work Study and loan programs may require additional paperwork or web-based activity. Be sure to read everything we send or list for you to do to make sure your aid is ready when school starts. Any missing information or documents will always be listed on your NEST Financial Aid web pages.

5. Accept your aid offer

Be sure to accept your aid it in a timely manner so your aid funds will be available when the school year begins!