Undergraduate Admissions

Online Resources

Listed below are a number of Web sites that will serve as resources to you regarding your financial aid history:

  • http://www.creighton.edu/finaid -- Creighton's Financial Aid Office home page that explains our aid programs, aid policies and procedures and contains links to other related websites.
  • Creighton University Loan Programs -- Creighton's site that lists the Stafford, PLUS and Alternative loan options available through our preferred lenders. This is where you start to apply for these types of loans.
  • http://www.ecsi.net -- Creighton's third-party servicer for the Federal Perkins, Nursing, Health Professions and Primary Care loan programs. Promissory notes for all Creighton-administered loans, including emergency loans, are processed here.
  • http://www.pin.ed.gov -- The U.S. Department of Education's page where you request a personal identification number to electronically sign financial aid forms.
  • http://www.fafsa.ed.gov -- The U.S. Department of Education's web page where you can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) electronically.
  • http://www.studentaid.ed.gov -- The U.S. Department of Education's page that contains your federal loan history, enrollment and repayment status. It also lists the schools you have attended, lenders and loan servicer(s).
  • http://www.finaid.org -- A wide-ranging topical website designed to answer common questions and provide information on financial aid topics. Numerous links to other related Web sites are presented.

Changing federal, state, third-party and/or institutional policies can make the information presented here obsolete, and Creighton University is not liable for misrepresentation under such circumstances.

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