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CU Stars

When you visit Creighton University, you will not only meet with a counselor but also take a tour with a current student, one of the CU STARS. Our tour group sizes are kept to a minimum with usually only one or two families per tour. This allows the prospective student and tour guide to interact on a more personalized level and adapt the tour as needed.

Our guides are very knowledgeable about campus and student life and are encouraged to share stories about their time at Creighton. All guides have attended Creighton for at least a semester and go through monthly training so visitors can be assured to get the most up to date information.

Along with daily tours CU STARS also help with special visit days including CU Sunday, Jay Days, and Admitted Student Days.

CU STARS Mission

Established in 2003, the Creighton University Student Tour and Admissions Representatives (CU STARS) serve the university through promotion of all its resources to prospective students, alumni, family, and friends. The CU STARS demonstrate their commitment to Creighton through campus tours and support at special campus events. This is an all-volunteer organization.

CU STARS is a program in which students strive to represent Creighton University to the world. We endeavor to embody Creighton University's mission of being a Catholic, Jesuit, and comprehensive university by introducing people to campus via personalized tours, overnight visits and open houses.

With our personalized tours we are committed to showing each family not only our campus but also our community.

With our overnight visits we demonstrate the exemplary community that is so integral to Creighton.

With our open houses we strive to show people the enthusiasm of our comprehensive university.

CU STARS exists because we are the first faces one sees when encountering Creighton. We strive to be the faces they remember and provide them with the days they enjoy so that they want to come back. Members of CU STARS make each visit personal, leaving a distinct impression. We make every effort to make these prospective students a part of our community by the time they leave.

CU Stars Application

If you are a current student and want to get involved, fill out the application and submit it and any supporting materials to T.J. McDougal, CU STARS staff coordinator.

CU Stars Executive Team

Erin Borchers

Erin Borchers

Jacob Carter Vice President
Jacob Carter
Grace Amodeo Advertising and PR Coordinator
Grace Amodeo
Brendan Quinn Training Coordinator
Brendan Quinn
Julia Brecht Meeting and Planning Coordinator
Julia Brecht

Admissions Staff Coordinators

T.J. McDougal T.J. McDougal
(800) 282-5835
Lori Novacek Lori Novacek