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Some people come to Omaha expecting a sleepy outpost on the prairie and can't believe what they find. Seriously. They discover a city of rolling hills that's friendly, easy to get around in and packed with more things to do than you can keep track of.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what the experts have to say:

  • Money Magazine rates Omaha as one of the nation's Top 10 best big cities to live in.
  • Kiplinger ranked Omaha among 10 great cities for college grads.
  • "For young Americans, Omaha is probably best known as the home of a whole bunch of indie rock musicians--members of the Faint, Cursive, the Good Life, Tilly and the Wall, Azure Ray and, most famously, Bright Eyes." --Kurt Andersen, New York Times
  • Plus, check out the other high marks Omaha has gotten!


Whether you are ready to try Thai, need a New York-style pizza, have a yen for sushi or want a brew pub burger, you can have it all--within walking distance, no less. Omaha's downtown and Old Market, both full of restaurants, can make any stroll around town a dining experience.

If you're hooked on national chains, we've got the Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Bonefish Grills and Cheesecake Factories of the world to satisfy your cravings. As we like to say in Omaha, you can drive anywhere in 20-minutes.


Two words: Urban Outfitters. A half mile from campus. Not far from that is the Old Market with Omaha's best music and book stores. So whether you like to hit the boutiques for funky fashions downtown or head out west to Abercrombie & Fitch, we've got you covered. Omaha's shopping centers have everything from Hollister Co. to the Apple Store (and if you really are looking for fruit, we also have an open-air farmer's market).

Hanging out

One of the most popular extracurricular activities, "hanging out" takes many forms for Creighton students. For some, it may be a leisurely walk down to the riverfront or the historic downtown. For others, it may mean bottomless cups at one of Omaha's gazillion coffeeshops (trust us, we've counted them). And don't forget the late night study sessions at the Donut Stop or a bite at California Tacos. For some high end "hanging out," there's always the outdoor Village Pointe shopping center.

Having fun

Maybe you want to check out concerts at the CenturyLink Center, where U2, Lady Gaga and Kenny Chesney have all performed. Or the Sokol, where the Saddle Creek bands play along with Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie and other indie rockers. Esquire named Saddle Creek Records' Slowdown, which is down the street from Creighton, the Club of the Year. Next to that is Film Streams, a new two-screen movie theater. Just to the southwest of campus is Midtown Crossing, with too much stuff to even list.

If you like to get outside, take to the bike trails which go through the whole city and beyond or catch an outdoor concert at Memorial Park or on the riverfront. And don't miss the NCAA College World Series in June. But if your tastes run a bit more high brow, Omaha has art everywhere, museums that host national traveling exhibits, one of the country's most popular zoos, live theater, and an internationally-renown artist colony and newly-opened creativity center located in downtown's warehouse district.