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Visit FAQs

Where is Omaha?

Omaha is Nebraska's largest city and is located on the eastern border of the state along the Missouri River.  Whichever direction you may be coming to Omaha from, we have directions to Creighton's campus for you.

Who should visit campus?

Students and their families who are interested in learning more about Creighton and our community. You can make an online request or call our Visit Coordinator at 800-282-5835 a couple weeks in advance.

What does Omaha have to offer students?

Omaha has lots of entertainment options, including The Slowdown and Film Streams, an independent rock club and independent movie theater just blocks away. Plus, CenturyLink Center Omaha (home of the Jays!) is also a stop on international music tours. There are plenty of trails in and around Omaha for hiking, biking or just a nice stroll along the riverfront. The downtown area (a short walk from Creighton's campus) has a wide range of entertainment options, ranging from excellent restaurants to coffee houses and shopping to a great local music scene.

Find out more about the Omaha Scene.

Is it possible to meet with faculty or sit in on a class during my visit?

Just let our Visit Coordinator know what departments you are interested in visiting so that we can arrange a faculty appointment. Please tell us a couple weeks in advance if you are interested in this type of meeting. You can call our Visit Coordinator at 800-282-5835.

When is the best time to visit campus?

The best time to visit campus is when classes are in session. This way you are able to get a real feel for the campus when all of our students are here! You can make an online request or call our Visit Coordinator at 800-282-5835 a couple weeks in advance.

How far is the airport from campus?

We are about a five minute ride from the airport--very convenient!

How do I schedule a campus visit?

Please make an online request or call our Visit Coordinator at 1-800-282-5835 to schedule your visit to Creighton!

How do I get to Creighton?

Creighton is located on the northwest corner of downtown Omaha, Nebraska. It is a short drive from the airport and an easy trip from almost anywhere in the U.S. For further directions, visit the Directions to Creighton page or contact our Visit Coordinator at 1-800-282-5835.

Do you offer tours on Saturday?

Yes, Creighton does offer Saturday visits, except during the summer. However, we strongly encourage students to visit campus during the week when classes are in session.

Do you have a list of hotels in the area?

Yes, both Omaha and Council Bluffs have a wide selection of affordable hotels to stay at during your time here. For more information, contact our Visit Coordinator at 1-800-282-5835.

Do I have to schedule a campus visit in advance?

Please make your online request or call our Visit Coordinator, 800-282-5835, a couple weeks in advance to allow time to get your appointments confirmed and receive a confirmation letter.

Can I spend the night on campus?

Yes, there is an overnight option for students attending one of the Admitted Students Days, an event for students already accepted to Creighton. A limited number of overnight slots are available for the nights before the Admitted Students Days.

Are there group visit programs scheduled for prospective students?

Yes, there are weekday and weekend group events:

  • CU Sunday Open House will be held on April 27, 2014
  • Admitted students are invited to attend admitted student days


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