Dan Pham
Dan Pham
Grad year: 
Class of 2018
Vietnamese, English, French
Applied Physics Analysis & Medical Mathematics
College of Arts and Sciences

About me: It is really hard for me to describe myself and my hobbies in just a few words because I feel like I am a combination of every contradiction. I like taking on more tasks than I can actually handle but I am terrible at enduring stress. I sometimes enjoy my own companionship but I cannot endure eating alone in the dining hall (It’s funny but true, I will keep walking around the dining hall until I find someone I know to eat with). Science defines my life but I believe in magic and miracles. And the more you get to know me, the more you will find these contradictions. During my free time, I love listening to music, talking with my friends, playing the piano or guitar or sometimes just simply lying on my bed and enjoying the view from my window.

Favorite activities on campus: Listening to people playing the piano (there are many pianos around the campus, and a high chance that you will catch someone playing really good music). Hiding myself somewhere that not many people know, reading a book or watching the squirrels playing around. And about the squirrels, I tried to feed them once or twice but seemed like they did not like the food (it was actually M&Ms and I still cannot understand how on Earth somebody – or something – would say no to it).

Interesting facts about Creighton/Omaha: You will always, always, find interesting people around the campus and there is nothing better than being surrounded by a witty, smart, talented and creative community. Just try to start a conversation with the girl in the elevator, or the guy sitting next to you in class and you will be surprised with what you can learn from them. I met one of my best friends here at the airport! We arrived in Omaha on the same day, and our first conversation was just about how hungry we were after such a long flight. Now she can talk with me about her perspectives on feminism and I can tell her about my Physics project on a model of an asteroid’s potential collision with the Earth.

What I have to say about Creighton: No matter who you are and what your dreams are, you will always find an opportunity to pursue your love and passion here at Creighton. I came here as a Biology major, developed my love for Biomedical Engineering field, freaked out a little when realizing Creighton does not offer an Engineering major but after getting some pieces of advice from my professors as well as other upper classmen, I now feel more confident pursuing my chosen path. Talk with your professors as much as you can, they’re not only great teachers, but also amazing friends, who deeply care for your success in your future career and life. And if you are lucky enough, you will even find great opportunities offered to you to work with experts in your field of study through your professors’ reference!