Prem Vichienwanitchkul
Prem Vichienwanitchkul
Grad year: 
Class of 2016
Thai, Chinese, English, Indonesian
Environmental Science, Economics
College of Arts and Sciences

About me: I very much enjoy playing sports from Basketball to Volleyball to Badminton, you name it. I also cook sometimes when I’m bored. In addition, I listen to all sorts of music and I was in the ROTC in high school. Just e-mail me if you have any questions or if you want to know more about Creighton!!

Favorite activities on campus: Intramural sports, CU after Dark (various activities set up by a student organization with prizes to win!), Chemistry Shows (annual spectacular show by chemistry professors and students mixing and blowing up chemicals just for you!), Movie Nights (Early screening of Catching Fire, and Divergent!)

Interesting facts about Creighton/Omaha: Well, I didn’t know that water was drinkable from the tap. So, when I first got here, I spent half my day finding a convenient store, and that was very, very…very awkward. Everything is pretty spread out but they’re all within walking and biking distance so transportation is never a problem (if you need to go to the store, there’s always a friend who’s willing to drive down with you!). There are many clubs that you can join on campus and the Old Market, which is within walking distance from campus, has a lot of good food! As long as you look, there’s always something going on! We also have a lot of concerts! Macklemore, American Authors, Justin Timberlake, OneRepublic, Bruno Mars, etc!

What I have to say about Creighton: Creighton’s class size is just perfect (about 20-50 students). Everyone here is very helpful and friendly. If you’re looking to get a job on campus, Creighton has more than enough for you to apply for. Faculty and staff are also very helpful with office hours that you can go to for help with class, recommendations, and just anything about life!