Nate Nettagul
Nate Nettagul
Grad year: 
Class of 2016
Thai, English
College of Arts and Sciences


About me: I like to play table tennis, piano, guitar, watch YouTube, take photos, travel, meet new people, having new experiences etc. There are many things to enjoy in life. You should also definitely visit Chiangrai sometimes. Chiangrai is located at the northern part of Thailand. Very nice weather during the winter.

Favorite activities on campus: Playing table tennis with friends and in tournaments, and playing badminton.

Interesting facts about Creighton/Omaha: The steaks here are better than what I have heard. I once tried a steak made by my friend and I have to say that Omaha’s steak is definitely the best steak I’ve ever tasted in my life. Also, tons of students from Hawaii surprised me.

What I have to say about Creighton: Creighton is a very good place to study. There aren’t a lot of distractions around campus and it’s located in Omaha, a quiet town. People here are also studious which makes the environment a good study environment. They are also nice and helpful unlike people I’ve met outside campus or in big public schools where the student body are more distant.