Nicola Bangsil (Kaytie)
Nicola Bangsil (Kaytie)
Grad year: 
Class of 2017
Tagalog, English, French, Spanish, Arabic
Heider College of Business

About me: Most of my friends call me “Kaytie.”  I was born in Saudi Arabia and spent seventeen years of my life as an international student; therefore, I would consider the country my second home.  During my spare time, I enjoy painting, drawing, and experimenting with mix media; visual arts.  When I am not holding a paintbrush, you would often see me choreograph to pop and R&B songs.  Athletic wise, I enjoy cheerleading and playing volleyball.     

Favorite activities on campus: Some of my favorite activities on campus include Circle K International Club and CU welcome week.

Interesting facts about Omaha: Prior to my campus visit at Creighton in summer 2012, I pictured Omaha as a city full of vast cornfields and empty lands; just as how my friends describe it.  In reality, there’s a whole lot more to see! Downtown, Old Market, and not to mention the TD Ameritrade Park of Omaha – home of the College World Series! If you’re an “Alvin and the Chipmunks” movie fan like me, expect cute chubby squirrels at Creighton!  Although they aren’t chipmunks, I named all of them “Theodore.”

What I have to say about Creighton: Creighton definitely does an exceptional job in molding students into well rounded individuals in terms of education and its innumerable opportunities.