Feifei Cao
Feifei Cao
Grad year: 
Class of 2016
Chinese & English
Accounting and Finance
Heider College of Business

About me: I was born in Beijing, China. I stayed in China until my junior year in high school. I came to the States first as an exchange student and went to a small public high school in Arizona. For my second year in America, I transferred to a Catholic high school in Cleveland, Ohio, and spent my senior year there. While in Cleveland, my host family had really deep connection with Creighton, and that’s how I started to know about Creighton. I’m pretty easy-going, but usually a little bit shy and quiet in the beginning. After I pass that awkward stage, I can open myself up a lot more, and maybe become a little crazy (in a good way). I love hanging out with friends, watching movies, and travelling. I love to meet new people, especially people have different background. I’d love to meet all of you and share my experience with you! Please let me know if you have any questions!! =)

Favorite Activities on Campus: I’m involved in several student organizations on campus. I’m the co-chair for Justice Without Borders which is a student organization focusing on worker’s rights. We plan some on-campus events such as annual worker’s appreciation banquet, and we also work with factories off campus to advocate fair labor. I’m also member of International Student Association, which we have lots of fun stuff to do as well. I was the MC for the ISA Banquet in 2013. I’m also a member in Hawaii club. Every year, we will hold a big Hawaiian feast – Luau in the spring semester. And I also do some volunteer works on and off campus depends on what opportunities I get each semester. Besides that, I’m a tutor for the athletic department.

What I have to say about Creighton: One of the most important reasons that I chose Creighton was because the really high professors to students ratio. Although Creighton might not be as well known as some of the national ranked universities (We’re still ranked number 1 in the Mid-West!). As I know, most of those colleges generally have big lecture class. But Creighton offers smaller classes in terms of sizes. Usually, there are about 30 students per class, so it allows you to be able to get a hold on your professors. Also, I think Creighton is a very caring school, it take cares of your college life, and lead you to a very bright future. It offers many programs that are very beneficial for future careers. In addition, Creighton is not a very big school, but it is very diverse. To meet students from over 40 countries makes college a lot more exciting.

Say Something: I really hope you all choose Creighton, but if there are better options out there for you, make the right choice haha. I wanna meet you all regardless whether you end up at Creighton or not. If you’re in Omaha, maybe we can meet up and go to a Creighton basketball game or something fun. If not, email me! :p Anyways, email me anytime about any questions, I’ll answer all that I can. And I wish you luck for this long college application process, and have lots of fun with the rest of your senior year in high school!!!!!