Andrew Deeb
Andrew Deeb
Graduate Assistant
“Thanks to Creighton I have been and still am working towards becoming the best version of myself. Through meeting so many great people and through the opportunities Creighton has provided for me, I have been guided towards the path that was intended for me. I have become a man that is always desiring to be at service for others.”

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Personal Information: 

Hometown: San Diego, California

High school: Saint Augustine High School

College: Creighton University, College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Biology and Theology

Activities during college: Phi Delta Theta, International Students Association, Researcher Infectious Disease Laboratory, Circle K, Pre Dental Club, Rugby Club, Intramural Sorts, League of Legends Club, 

Hobbies: I play the saxophone and the clarinet, play football, rugby and soccer. I enjoy reading writing and being at service to others.

Fun and interesting fact about yourself: When I am not at school in Nebraska, I am a beach bum. I am at the beach most of my time in San Diego. I do not surf.

Why do you think Creighton is special? Creighton is special because it gives its students many opportunities to be successful. Creighton has allowed me to be interested in many different fields, and has provided me with the opportunities to gain experience in those fields. The Creighton community is a special community that is welcome to any person, belief, or thought. It is a very inclusive place to be.

Do you have any special advice or tips for applicants? I would say to choose your school based on your future career goals. Apply to schools that give you the best opportunity to succeed in not only your major, but all of your passions in life. For myself and many others, Creighton was that place where I had the best opportunity to succeed in everything that I did. 

What do you like about Omaha and what are your favorite secret spots? What kept me coming back to Omaha was the people. The people are almost always caring for you as an individual whether it would be the random person you run into at a local store, or whether it would be the professor that you will be learning from, they are always welcoming and hospitable to everyone. My favorite spots for food in Omaha would be: #1 Tasty Pastry (Pizza on Leavenworth), #2 Dinkers Burgers (American on South 29th Street), #3 Mo Fish (Sea Food, Council Bluffs, Iowa). These places are little hole in the wall places that are a must-have in Omaha. I really enjoy walking the Pedestrian Bridge and I enjoy the various events and free concerts in Midtown Crossing.