Jacob Carter
Jacob Carter, Admissions Counselor, Creighton University
Jacob Carter
Assistant Director of Admissions
"Creighton is special because it provides a unique blend of a small community feel with big time opportunities. The people make the university what it is and are some of the best you'll find anywhere in the world."

Nebraska (outside of Omaha area) North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Personal Information: 

Hometown: Watertown, South Dakota

High school: Watertown High School

College: Creighton University (B.A.)

Major:  History

Activities during college: CU STARs, club soccer, intramural soccer, multinational ambassadors program, history club

Hobbies: Playing sports, reading, traveling

Fun and interesting fact about yourself: I’ve never broken a bone or had stitches

Do you have any special advice or tips for applicants? Spellcheck. Proofread. Edit. Your application is our first impression of you so make it a good one. When writing your personal statement, be yourself. If you’re funny, be funny, if you’re in to cooking, talk about it, and if you have a serious fear of chickens, I want to hear about it!

What do you like about Omaha and what are your favorite secret spots? I like having access to so many world class sporting facilities and teams. Also, after recruiting the East Coast I fully appreciate our lack of traffic.