Choosing A Visit Option

Explore Which Visit Option Fits Your Needs.

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There are many different types of college visits out there, and between coordinating schedules and choosing a visit format, it can be hard to keep everything straight. We want to ensure you're getting what you want from your time on campus, so we'd like to help you understand why one visit might suit you better than another.

Visit Comparison

Visit Comparison Chart

A daily campus visit is the most customizable type of visit we offer. For admitted students, we strongly suggest either a daily campus visit or Admitted Student Day.

Student Examples

Are you more like Khai or Aubrey? Read why these students chose the visit option they did.

Jonathan (male)

Name:  Jonathan
Grade level:  High school senior
Hometown:  Boston, MA
Visit Option:  Admitted Student Day

This is Jonathan’s first and only visit to Creighton’s campus. Because he lives 1,400 miles away, he waited until he was admitted to Creighton to visit. He was able to tour campus, attend interactive activities with other future Creighton students, talk with faculty, and ask questions of his admissions counselor in one day, which is why he chose to attend Admitted Student Day. This event will be instrumental in making his final college decision.

Meghan (female)

Name:  Meghan
Grade level:  High school junior
Hometown:  Omaha, NE
Visit Options:  CU Sunday and daily campus visit

Because distance is not an issue for Meghan, she was able to visit twice before even completing her application for admission. The CU Sunday event was perfect for her during her sophomore year, as she wasn’t really sure what questions to ask yet. Plus, it worked for her parents to attend with her since it was on the weekend. In the spring of her junior year, she organized a daily campus visit so she was able to get all of her questions about the application process answered. She liked that she was able to meet with an admissions counselor individually, and felt guided through the process.

Ben (male)

Name:  Ben
Grade level:  High school junior
Hometown:  Kansas City, KS
Visit Option:  CU in the Summer

Ben is at the start of his college search and a bit overwhelmed with where to start. His parents wanted to get started on collecting information and seeing different campuses before junior year started. He liked that he didn’t have to know what to ask. It was a shorter visit (a couple of hours) and then they were able to check out the Omaha Zoo and Old Market.

Khai (male)

Name:  Khai
Grade level:  High school senior
Hometown:  Denver, CO
Visit Option:  Daily campus visit

Social fit is a big factor for Khai, so he wanted to make sure to visit on a typical school day. He was able to schedule a meeting with a pre-med advisor, and hung out in the student center after his formal visit to get a feel for student life. He was able to talk with his admissions counselor one-on-one about his application and his parents left with their financial aid questions answered.

Aubrey (female)

Name:  Aubrey
Grade level:  High school sophomore
Hometown:  Des Moines, IA
Visit Option:  Saturday visit

Aubrey came to Omaha to visit family for the weekend and was able to begin her college search with a visit on Saturday morning at Creighton, which worked out well with schedules. She was able to tour her first college campus, and get an understanding of the application timeline. After the tour, they got lunch on campus with their tour guide, which allowed them to ask questions about student life and campus feel.

Grace (female)

Name:  Grace
Grade level:  High school junior
Hometown:  Chicago, IL
Visit Option:  Jay Days

Grace and her parents planned a roadtrip to visit a few colleges during the fall of her junior year. It was important for them to come during a weekday, as Grace wanted to see students out and about between classes. They wanted an open house style visit, as they are still gathering information about what factors are important to Grace. They wanted to be able to speak with faculty, but Grace is unsure what she wants to study, so having access to faculty in multiple disciplines was a bonus.


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