Before Getting To Creighton

Get Ready to Become a Bluejay.

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Once you’ve completed your Application for Undergraduate Admission and been accepted to Creighton, there are only six things left for you to do before you’re able to enroll and begin your journey with us.

Please go through the checklist below and complete the tasks listed at your earliest convenience:

Final Transcript

Creighton Admissions Checklist Contact your high school counselor and request that your final transcript be sent to:

Creighton University Admissions

2500 California Plaza

Omaha, NE 68178

You can use the following as a template for your request:

Dear [Counselor’s Name]:

I have been accepted for admission to Creighton University for the coming semester. To complete my file and allow me to register for classes, Creighton needs my final transcript, reflecting all credits earned during my senior year.

I appreciate your help in completing my file. This information will allow Creighton to prepare for my counseling and academic advising prior to registration.

If you have any questions, please contact Creighton University at 800.282.5835.

The NEST and CUMail

Creighton communicates with students through the NEST, an online resource where you can view financial aid information, as well as our course catalog and schedule. Admitted students will also begin receiving emails through their CUMail account. To access these resources, please do the following:

Creighton Admissions Checklist Activate your account (please note that you’ll need a one-time password, which can be found in your financial aid package)

Creighton Admissions Checklist Once your account is activated, you can access the NEST and your CUMail account by entering your NetID and BLUE password

Creighton Admissions Checklist Keep your parents informed by authorizing them to view your NEST account (especially important if they pay your tuition)

Summer Preview

Creighton Admissions Checklist We empower students with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to be successful at Creighton academically, socially, spiritually, and recreationally — even before term begins. Our Summer Preview is designed to give New Jays a ”head start” in their transition. We’re excited to meet you — and so are your new classmates, learn more today.


Creighton Admissions Checklist Creighton is committed to a healthy campus. After reserving your spot with us, you will receive an informational packet from Student Health Services, including an orange Scantron form (if you are a health sciences student, you will receive a blue Scantron form). Please fill this form out, have your doctor review and sign it, then return the form in the envelope provided.

If you have not had all of your required immunizations, please schedule an appointment with your doctor or Student Health Services (see below) to bring your record up to date.

All admitted students are required to submit their vaccination data no later than July 1, after which a hold will be placed on your course registration. If a student has not submitted the data by August 1, a fine of $150 will be assessed. You may track your immunization compliancy status and request official immunization reports on the NEST (under Student Services, at the bottom of the page).

 If you have questions, want to fax us your immunization record, need to correct or update your record, or would like to schedule an immunization appointment, please contact Student Health Services at:

  • Phone: 402.280.2735
  • Fax: 402.280.1859

Student Health Insurance

Creighton Admissions Checklist All full-time students are automatically enrolled in the Creighton health insurance plan, but may waive this insurance before the established deadline.

You must either accept or waive your enrollment on the NEST (under Student Health Services > Health Insurance > Waive Health Insurance). To waive, a student must already have comprehensive health insurance.

If you intend to complete the waiver, please do so as soon as possible to avoid an unnecessary insurance premium charge. After the established deadline, we will not be able to remove the charge and you will be enrolled in the insurance plan for the entire year.


New Student Orientation

Get started with Creighton’s new student orientation.