Before Getting To Creighton

Get Ready to Become a Bluejay.

moving in

Once you’ve completed your deposit to Creighton, there are only a few things left for you to do before you’re able to enroll and begin your journey with us.

Please go through the checklist below and complete the tasks listed at your earliest convenience. To see a more personalized checklist of items, log into your student portal.

Final Transcript

Contact your high school counselor and request that your final transcript be sent to:

Creighton University Admissions
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

You can use the following as a template for your request:

Dear [Counselor's Name]:

I have been accepted for admission to Creighton University for the coming semester. To complete my file and allow me to register for classes, Creighton needs my final transcript, reflecting all credits earned during my senior year.

I appreciate your help in completing my file. This information will allow Creighton to prepare for my counseling and academic advising prior to registration.

If you have any questions, please contact Creighton University at 800.282.5835.

The NEST and CUMail

Creighton communicates with students through the NEST, an online resource where you can view financial aid information, as well as our course catalog and schedule. Admitted students will also begin receiving emails through their CUMail account starting June 1, 2018. To access these resources, please do the following:

Creighton Admissions Checklist Activate your account (please note that you’ll need a one-time password, which can be found in your financial aid package)

Creighton Admissions Checklist Once your account is activated, you can access the NEST and your CUMail account by entering your NetID and BLUE password

Creighton Admissions Checklist Keep your parents informed by authorizing them to view your NEST account (especially important if they pay your tuition)

Summer Preview

Our Summer Preview is designed to give New Jays a "head start" in their transition. Summer Preview is an optional orientation program for incoming students to learn more about Creighton, meet other incoming freshman, and talk with an advisor (perhaps your assigned freshman advisor, but this is not guaranteed and is dependent upon faculty availability). About 50-70% of our students attend Summer Preview, many with their parents or family members.

It is strongly encouraged, as it’s a wonderful opportunity to get your questions answered, have fun, and start to get the lay of the land! However, if you don’t attend, you won’t miss out on any vital information that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Summer Preview has four sessions options: June 4-5, June 7-8, June 11-12, and June 14-15. 

You will be able to sign up for these on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning May 1st. We’re excited to meet you — and so are your new classmates.


Creighton is committed to a healthy campus. All students are required to have immunizations on record and have health insurance coverage.

Students are asked to use the following method to report their immunization data:

  • Locate your immunization record from your family physician, high school, previous college or branch of the military  
  • Enter your immunization dates and upload your records electronically via the secure patient portal the Bird House (a place to store and protect your health information)
  • Any communication regarding your compliancy status will be sent to your Creighton email account

If you have not had all of your required immunizations, please schedule an appointment with your doctor or Student Health Services (see below) to bring your record up to date.

All admitted students are required to submit their vaccination data no later than July 1, after which a hold will be placed on your course registration. If a student has not submitted the data by August 1, a fine of $150 will be assessed.

If you have questions, want to fax us your immunization record, need to correct or update your record, or would like to schedule an immunization appointment, please contact Student Health Services at:

Student Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance coverage.  Many students are covered under a parent’s health insurance plan.  If not, student health insurance can be purchased through the University (you can learn more about comprehensive health insurance here). All full-time students are automatically enrolled in the Creighton health insurance plan, but may waive this insurance before the established deadline.

You must either accept or waive your enrollment on the NEST (under Student Health Services > Health Insurance > Waive Health Insurance). To waive, a student must already have comprehensive health insurance.

If you intend to complete the waiver, please do so as soon as possible to avoid an unnecessary insurance premium charge. After the established deadline, we will not be able to remove the charge and you will be enrolled in the insurance plan for the entire year.

The Student Health Insurances Waiver for 18/19 will be available in the NEST starting in June 2018 until early September.

Parking Information

If you are choosing to bring a car to campus, you will need to purchase a parking pass to have access to the student surface parking lots and covered garages. The 2017-2018 fees are $348. The 2018-2019 fees have not been posted yet. Parking passes will be available for purchase in late July. For more information, visit this Public Safety parking information page.

It’s a personal choice whether or not you want to bring a car to campus. About 30% of freshmen have a car on campus, so you will have friends to get a ride from if you don’t have a car! There are postings for carpooling back during school breaks and Zipcars are also available for rental. Uber and Lyft are popular for getting around town as well.

Computers and Technology

Creighton gives you the tools and support you need to connect with your technology. We encourage you to browse our Creighton-specific computer recommendations so you get the most out of your equipment academically. In addition, we recommend that you take advantage of iJay, our student-run Apple reseller store, for both computer-related purchases and technical support for your Apple products.

Please note that as an admitted student, you are entitled to free access to Microsoft Word and discounted Microsoft software

If you need general technical support or to reset your Creighton passwords, please contact our Division of Information Technology:

New Student Orientation

Get started with Creighton's new student orientation.

For a complete, printable list of everything you need to know as you start life at Creighton, download the 2017 "Blue View" guide. The 2018 version will be available in the coming months.

Move-In and Welcome Week

You are invited to move in Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018. To make your move-in as easy as possible, our students do all of the heavy lifting for you – literally. You will wait in your car in line until it is your turn to get moved into your residence hall, so don’t expect to hop out of the car right away. Once you get to the front of the line it only takes about 10 minutes for our current students to load all of your belongings into bins and whisk them up to your dorm room. (This is why we instruct you to label all of your boxes and furniture with your name, residence hall, and room number. We don’t want to accidentally give your futon away to your neighbor.) Find out what you should bring.

This will also mark the beginning of Welcome Week, a time to become oriented with campus and get to know your new classmates. To access a digital guide to orientation, download the Guidebook app for your smartphone, then search “New Jays 2018” to see schedules, things to pack, maps, and more (the 18/19 guide will be available later this summer).

Hotel Information

When searching for hotels in Omaha that are around Creighton’s campus, look for Downtown or Old Market area locations. Many of these locations have a Creighton preferred rate. Check out a list of convenient hotels here.

Class Registration and Advising


Class registration will be completed online using your NEST account. Registration will occur either at Summer Preview or online. If you are not able to attend Summer Preview, it will not affect the registration priority that you are given, as we will have spaces set aside for students who do not attend Summer Preview. You will be randomly assigned a registration time if you have completed all paperwork. If you are planning on attending Summer Preview, it is helpful to bring a laptop to complete the registration process.


A Ratio Studiorum Program (RSP) Advisor will be assigned to you.  In early June, we will send the name of your RSP Advisor and class registration materials to your Creighton email account. The advising process happens in the first two weeks of June, either at Summer Preview or via phone/email. Your advisor will be contacting you to set up this advising, but feel free to reach out to them at your convenience.

Before you visit with your advisor, check out these resources.

Academic Programs

Required Courses for All Students:  Magis Core Curriculum

“Magis” stands for “more” and reflects Creighton’s Catholic and Jesuit heritage and values. For general information on the Core visit:                        

Depending on the college you are enrolled in, you may have different or additional Core Requirements. Visit your college’s page for details.

Foreign Language Exams

  • Foreign Language is not required in all colleges, so discuss this with your advisor.  Please visit the Language Requirements page for detailed foreign language requirements by college. 
  • If you plan to major or minor in a language, you should continue your language study your freshman year. 
  • If you have already studied French, German, or Spanish and want to continue in that language, you must take an online placement exam before you register. Be sure to discuss this with your advisor.

Information on Schedule Planning and Registration

Questions about courses or registering? 

Roommate Selection

Starting May 15, you can log in to the StarRez roommate search portal to use profile information to find a roommate that will be a good match for you. This is an optional search process, as we already have basic information from you to pair you with a roommate. This roommate search will run until June 20, to encompass all of the Summer Preview sessions. This way, if you meet someone that you hit it off with at Summer Preview, you can choose to be roommates. As long as you and your future roommate both list each other, you will be paired together.

Students can also use the official Creighton University Class of 2022 Facebook Group to meet future classmates and find common interests. More than half of our students come without knowing who they will live with – or even knowing anyone, for that matter. Don’t stress if you don’t have a specific name to submit; you’re not the only one!

Housing Assignments

Housing and roommate assignments will be sent in early/mid-July. These assignments will not be mailed. They will be delivered to your Creighton email account.

Fall Class Schedule

Classes begin Wednesday, August 22, 2018. Fall Break is October 14-21. Semester break is December 16 – January 15. View the academic calendar here.

Student Services

Creighton offers a variety of student services to set you up for success. Browse our Academic Resources to find out more about our services:


Creighton helps you take care of your banking needs quickly and conveniently. As an admitted student, you have premier access to:


Purchase used or new textbooks online or in person from our campus bookstore Jays FanATTIC, located on campus in the Harper Center.

Campus Bookstore Hours

Monday through Thursday   8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Friday                                   8:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday                               10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Understanding College Terminology

College has a language all its own. Here are some terms you should become familiar with, as you will hear them regularly at Creighton!

Summer Send-Offs

Join in our nation-wide summer sendoffs where you can meet other students, parents and alumni! If you have any questions, please contact us at