From Your Nest to Ours.

From Your Nest to Ours.

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Going to college is a big step – for you and your child. Above all, you want to know your child’s needs are being cared for.

At Creighton, we support and help our students develop in all areas of their lives: academically, socially, and spiritually. We help them identify their goals, and then go on to reach them. We’ll prepare your child to make his or her mark on the world – all from the comfort of our caring, tight-knit community inspired by Jesuit ideals.

Student Life on Campus

Creighton Admissions Checklist We make our students feel right at home in our residence halls and dining halls. We also encourage them to get involved in student life and college activities.

Creighton Admissions Checklist We’re committed to public safety. Officers trained in CPR, first aid, and crime-prevention patrol our campus and assist our students. Find out more about the state of public safety at Creighton today.

Creighton Admissions Checklist We’re located in a progressive, vibrant city; there are a million things to do in Omaha. Our students love living here, and many find summer internship opportunities in Omaha’s booming private sector.

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