Parents of Prospective Students

Starting the Search, One Step at a Time.

students talking in student center

*Note: If a student’s college search has shifted gears in the past weeks, and they are now interested in applying to Creighton, know that it’s not too late to apply for fall 2020. They can still be considered for merit scholarships and need-based aid. They should contact their admissions counselor to learn more.

Whether you are just starting to gather information or you have been on dozens of college visits in recent years, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the college search process. We want you to know that we’re here to help. Here are five tips to get you started:

1) Help prepare your student to apply in fall of senior year

Deadlines vary, but it is generally a good idea to apply in the early fall of senior year. The application opens August 1 of senior year. Your student should take the ACT or SAT by spring of junior year, as this gives them time to study and take the test multiple times, if necessary. We have no preference between ACT or SAT.

2) Visit and ask the right questions

Experiencing different campus environments can help you determine what you like (and don’t) - large, small, urban, rural, and everywhere in between. Be sure to keep an open mind when planning visits. You may be surprised about what you find.

Once you’re on campus, be sure to get the information that matters.

3) Understand the importance of May 1

May 1 is the national deadline for students to choose a college, but it also protects important student rights. Learn all about this deadline in our FAQ.

4) Get to know your student’s admissions counselor

Your student has an admissions counselor that will work specifically with your family through this process. They will know your student’s high school. They will read your student’s application. They will answer your phone calls and respond to your emails. Get to know them! We are here to help.

5) Applying doesn’t mean committing

Applying to a school gives your student more options and allows you to see the actual cost of attendance of the institution. 99% of our students don’t pay the sticker price to attend Creighton. You will know any merit-based and need-based aid your student is eligible for before they commit to a college.

As a member of Common Application, it is easy to apply to Creighton along with other schools. That being said, don’t feel the need to apply everywhere. College Board suggests 5-8 applications is a good target.